2011-12-01 pinebelt 360 meeting 9God placed it on the hearts of Stephen & Dawn Beam to follow His example of unifying His body to meet people’s needs, therefore, resulting in an August 2011 meeting of 100 area leaders on the campus of The University of Southern Mississippi. We dreamed about what might happen if the Body of Christ worked together to serve our community.  This group identified Pine Belt strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to our goal of unifying Christ’ body.

After identifying these things, a smaller exploratory committee of 26 people set about planning our organization, structures, and next steps. We then created a board of directors, key officers, a vision statement, and approved the above logo. We unveiled the vision statement, officers, board of directors, and logo at William Carey University in December of the same year.

Pine Belt 360 had a great 2012! We had a Pastor’s Vision Luncheon at the Downtown Venue, where 70 plus people attended. Bishop Crudup & Chip Henderson encouraged, inspired, & challenged us to live What If lives where we seek to unify Christ’s body across racial, denomination, economic, and ethnic lines. We also hosted an Easter Weekend 24 hour Prayer Walk on the Wesley Medical Center campus. We ended the year with a ‘Shine’ event that enlisted over 150 volunteers that beautified several area schools in July.

2013 opened with us securing an outstanding office space & us holding our 2nd Annual Pastor’s Vision Luncheon at the Downtown Venue. Neddie Winters, of Mission Mississippi, blessed us with testimonials from similar efforts to unify Christ’s Body in the metropolitan Jackson area.

With much prayer and support from his family, Van Jones allowed Jesus Christ to further use him to assume the position as the first official Executive Director of Pine Belt 360, in June of 2013.

We are excited about what the Lord is doing on our behalf & please continue to pray for the future of the PB360’s missions, board of directors, officers, & executive director.

Live full, die empty, & be the hands & feet to unify Christ’ Body! The best is yet to come!

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